PC-Telephone 7.2

Make phone calls and transfer faxes from your PC with this program

The use of fast Internet connections, optic fiber, and cell phone apps have made that traditional phone calls and fax transfers become almost obsolete. Nevertheless, some people still prefer to discuss matters via voice calls in real time. This program allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer. To make voice calls, you can use the microphone and speakers of your computer, or an external microphone and earphones. You can use a USB phone as well. Besides voice calls, you can also transfer fax and data files using the program. It has an intuitive interface, so you will have no problem in using it. The program can use your Outlook contact list, or a custom phonebook that you can create directly from the program, or import from a text file.

To make phone calls, you need to purchase a virtual phone card through the program's webpage. To register your phone activity, the phone has a journal so you can keep track of your calls and the credit you have spent.

You can register the program, but this is optional. If you don't register, you can use the code of the virtual phone card you have purchased. On the other hand, the registration fee is rather high, although it includes 5 Euros (6.10 dollars) of calling time. Nevertheless, if you use a lot of international phone calls, faxes, and data transfers, then you may want to try this program

Victor Hernandez
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  • Both the installation file and the installed program are lightweight


  • The use of cell phones and apps has made that that traditional phone calls and fax transfers become obsolete
  • The interface of the program is rather dull
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